网站标题: International Association for Food Protection
网站简介: IAFP is an organization of 4,000 food safety professionals committed to Advancing Food Safety Worldwide® by providing Members a forum to exchange information on protecting the global food supply.
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网站标题: Professional Plastic Packaging Smart Factory Solution Provider - Demark Holding Group
网站简介: Demark Holding Group is Committed to Providing Solution for Intelligent Production of Plastic Packaging, Which Covers Liquid Packaging, Medical Packing, Consuming Packing And Automobile.
网站关键字: Liquid  Packaging  Medical  Packing  Consuming  Packing  And  Automobile  Preform  Injection  Molding  System  Blow  Molding  Machine
网站标题: Wolrd Class Provider of Micro Module Assembly and Thick Film and Thin Film Substrate Foundry Service
网站简介: The world–renowned leading provider of micro module assembly and thick film and thin film substrate foundry services - Tong Hsing.
网站关键字: DBC  CMOS  Image  Sensor  Image  Sensor  BSI  wafer  SiP  MEMS  assembling  and  test  Power  Module  Microwave  Module  RF  module  and  DPC  on  AlN  for  Thermoelectric  Module  CMOS  Image  Sensor  Packaging  MEMS  P
网站标题: Sleeve, sleeving solution, shrink sleeve and film, sleeving machine
网站简介: With 35 years of experience, Sleever International makes shrink sleeve a major packaging process on mass distribution markets and on selective segments.
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网站标题: Qingdao Fangzhengyuan Packaging Co., Ltd.PE/Sheet/profile protective film,Aluminum plate protective 
网站简介: Qingdao Fangzhengyuan Packaging Co., Ltd.was set up in 1999, manufacturing PE stretch film, protective film, silage film, food cling film, etc. We can do any color as our customers’ requirements.
网站关键字: Qingdao  Fangzhengyuan  Packaging  Co.  Ltd.PE/Sheet/profile protective film  Aluminum plate protective film  glass window protective film  carpet protective film  stainless steel plate  protective film  Black
网站标题: LRPACK packaging_packaging bag_food packaging bags_coffee bags
网站简介: We specialized in various food packaging bag, candy packaging bag , coffee packaging bag, milk bag, vacuum packaging bags, frozen bags, pet food packaging bags.The company passed SGS, FDA ,ROHS certification,welcome to inquire: +86 20 8750 5298 .
网站关键字: packaging  bag  food  packaging  bags  coffee  bags  Sanitary  packaging  bag  stand  up  pouch  plastic  bag  Bags  manufacturer  in  China
网站标题: Capacitor aluminum foil_Electronic aluminum foil_Packaging aluminum foil-Kunshan Foun Top Metal Mate
网站简介: In July, the company was founded in 2012, the main production of power capacitors with aluminum foil thickness in 5um~6um. Width in 80mm~600mm. In 2014, began to produce the width of 35mm~180mm of aluminum foil (there are many specifications they can not produce, or very urgent orders). At this time
网站关键字: Capacitor  aluminum  foil  Electronic  aluminum  foil  Packaging  aluminum  foil  Kunshan  Foun  Top  Metal  Materials  Co.  Ltd.
网站标题: IIOO Expo - Most Happening Optical Trade Fair and Exhibition in India as on 3-4-5 August 2019 - Hite
网站简介: IIOO Expo 2019 - Optical Exhibition & Trade Fair on Optical Frames, Optical Machinery, Optical Products, Sunglasses, Contact Lenses, Optical Instruments, Spactacle Lenses in Hitex, Hydrabad - India
网站关键字: Optical  Exhibition  Optical  Events  Optical  Machinery  Optical  Frames  Contact  Lenses  Sunglasses  Software  Low  Vision  Spectacle  Lenses  Optical  Instruments  Optical  Packaging  Cleaning  Optical  Produ
网站标题: Packaging Connections | Packaging Industry Updates | Packaging Jobs | Packaging Innovations |Packagi
网站简介: Packaging Connections | Packaging Industry Updates | Packaging Jobs | Packaging Innovations |Packagi
网站关键字: Packaging  companies  packaging  news  packaging  trends  packaging  designs  packaging  innovations  packaging  professionals  Packaging  resources  Packaging  Industry  Pharma  packaging  food  packaging  pac  


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